Large/Heavy Gauge Precision
Structural Frames

Impressive Range of Size & Capacity

Anco’s capabilities include the fabrication of a large range of frames from light to heavy gage, small to large, up to tractor trailer size and weighing up to 20 tons.

All frames are manufactured start to finish including higher turnkey assemblies as needed, including both paint and powder coating with large spray booths and curing ovens.

We can also add precision features to welded frames as needed by in house stress relieving, followed by machining of frames up to 10 ft wide x 21 ft long x 54” high.

Frames include small enclosures to medium sized electrical frames, to large/heavy machine bases.


  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Heavy Plate Fabrication
  • MIG, TIG & Spot Welding
  • Machining & Turning Small & Medium Parts & Weldments
  • Machining & Turning Large Parts & Weldments
  • Heavy Gauge Precision Structural Frames
  • Tubular & Structural Frames
  • Enclosures & Shielded Products
  • Cleanroom & Laboratory Frames
  • Enclosures, Parts & Assemblies
  • Finishing, Painting & Powder Coating
  • Chassis & Weldments
  • Welded Frames
  • Welded Enclosures
  • Machine Bases
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